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Is Masturbation a Sin in the Bible? 10 Scriptural Resources for Teens

Is masturbation a sin in the Bible? Check out these 11 scriptural resources for answering teens' tough questions about sex and sexuality.

Good Theological Questions: What Are Reasons for God’s Existence?

Good theological questions deserve lots of time and attention in youth group and teen Bible studies. For example: What are some arguments for the existence of God?

Stronger Youth Ministry: 10 Ways to Build Your Program

Want to build a stronger youth ministry? Feel like you’re scrambling to put together each week’s youth group meeting? Use these 10 expert tips to grow a more durable program for teens.

Sermon Illustrations on Forgiveness: Use This Video to Discuss Sin

Are you looking for sermon illustrations on forgiveness? Check out this short video demonstration you can add to a youth lesson about sin.

Toxic Person: 6 Early Warning Signs You’re Dealing With One

A toxic person is, well, toxic. An unhealthy person can infect your team like toxins infect the human body. Discover 6 warning signs of a toxic person.

7 Examples of Bad Friends Who Are Sure to Ruin Your Life

When it comes to sharing examples of bad friends, I always point to a night I remember so clearly. I was driving down a dark, narrow two-lane road with the gas pedal to the floor. Intoxicated. It was the night my life hit rock bottom.

Launch Student Ministry Into the Stratosphere With These 6 Tips

Ready to launch student ministry, programs, or events? What's holding you back? Use these 6 expert tips for a successful liftoff.

Why Your Youth Group Events Must Move Beyond Fun & Games

The truth is that our events aren't supposed to be as fun as the other stuff out there. Our events are just supposed to be more meaningful.

Teaching the Books of the Bible to Youth: Work Through Scripture

Need insights about teaching the books of the Bible to youth? Wondering how to work through Scripture with kids? Then read these expert tips for giving teens a comprehensive view of God's Word!

If You Miss Youth, You Miss the Movement!

Every major spiritual awakening in the history of the United States has had teenagers on the leading edge. If you miss youth, you miss the movement.

Biblically Accurate Angels: 10 Images of God’s Heavenly Messengers

What are biblically accurate angels? What does the Bible say about angels and how they appear? Dive into this topic using these 10 resources.

Is Satan Real: Use This Free Bible Lesson With Preteens

Preteens today are asking is Satan real. This free Bible study will help temper the fear that comes with knowing that evil exists.

Youth Ministry Career Moves: 4 Questions to Ask Before Taking a New Job

In a youth ministry career, deciding whether to accept a new position can be complicated. Ask these 4 questions to see if a church is the right place for you.

Essential Advice on How to Write a Bible Study

When teenagers get lost or bored during a youth Bible study, it defeats the whole point. If you're wondering how to write a Bible study that's meaningful and keeps young people engaged and interested, you've come to the right place.

Celebrate Recovery for Youth: How This Program Helps Students

Is Celebrate Recovery for youth? Discover the many ways this program offers hope and healing for junior high and high school students.

Discussion Starters: 100 Prompts for Youth Ministry Small Groups

Discussion starters are a great way to engage small-group participants. Check out this wide variety of youth ministry icebreakers!

Youth Ministry Attendance Tracking: Save Time With Management Tools

Discover how youth ministry attendance tracking can increase your productivity and effectiveness. Check out the advantages of these management tools!

ASK God to Help You—and Expect Him to Answer Your Prayers

Do you ASK God to help you? And when you pray, do you trust and expect him to answer? Discover how Jesus shows us to pray: Ask. Seek. Knock.

Youth Ministry Goals: Discover How to Set Up Your Program for Success

Youth ministry goals are essential for short-term and long-term impact. They encourage you and your volunteers to continuously improve, help you keep plans on track, and lead to lasting impact on young lives.

It’s Time to End the ‘Insanity’ of Typical Youth Ministry and Start a Revolution

Someone once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“ This is true in life. This is true in youth ministry.

UPDATED: SWBTS Announces Adam Greenway’s Resignation Following Social Media News Leak

Thursday evening, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) twitterverse was chirping about the possibility of a big forthcoming announcement pertaining to the possible resignation of SWBTS president Adam Greenway.

Charlie Dates: Why Your Church Needs To Identify and Raise Up...

Charlie Dates joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss what makes preaching compelling and the role local churches play in cultivating preachers for the pulpit.

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