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Contentment: Why It’s the Biggest Threat to Your Youth Ministry

What would you say is the biggest threat to your youth ministry: teen apathy? parental apathy? little to no budget? a non-supportive pastoral support...

How to Get Closer to God as a Teenager: 6 Community Builders

How to get closer to God as a teenager is a vital question for everyone working with young people. Discover 6 practical ways to build community and faith among your youth group members.

Praying for Our Youth: 10 Key Areas of Prayer for Youth

Praying for our youth is more important than ever. The Lord continues to do amazing things in teenagers' lives, and I'm confident it's the result of prayer. I invest more time than ever in prayer for youth.

Keeping Kids in Church: 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Stay

Many have observed that youth church attendance drops off once teens reach college age. So what is it that sets apart the kids who stay in the church?

Youth Worship Songs: 23 Praise Titles Teens Will Love to Sing

Need some ideas for youth worship songs? Then keep reading! Youth ministers can capitalize on kids’ love for music by incorporating praise songs into gatherings and worship services.

Investing in the Next Wave of Leaders

One of the reasons I’ve failed at raising the next generation of leaders is because I’ve tried to force them into areas where the people in charge have too much control. It would be best if you found leaders who want to mentor and invest in their leaders.

3 Must-Have Components for Every Youth Group

Every youth group is formed with the best of intentions. Often those become reality—praise God! Unfortunately, intentions can be lost in translation, and the topic of youth group can yield eye rolls and grimaces.

Meaningful Youth Ministry: How to Make a Lasting Impact on Lives

How committed are you to meaningful youth ministry? Discover how to be a different breed of youth leader, impacting the world for Christ.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Youth Discussion Starter

When bad things happen to good people, Christians of all ages have questions. Teenagers especially may wonder where God is when tragedies, disasters, and tough times hit.

Risky Behavior in Adolescence: The Dangers Facing Generation Z

When it comes to risky behavior in adolescence, a study of today’s teenagers reveals both troubling and encouraging findings. For parents, pastors, and youth group leaders concerned with reaching “Generation Z,” this information about modern risky behavior in adolescence is critical.

Parent Ministry 101: Discover How to Launch This Valuable Partnership

Starting a parent ministry at church is a worthy endeavor. Discover how youth ministers can partner with parents of teens!

I Don’t Feel God: What to Do When the Emotion Seems to Be Missing

A college student recently admitted a pressing concern: "Honestly, I don't feel God," he shared. Discover how to respond when people say, "I can't feel God."

Bible Studies for Athletes: Resources to Build Faith and Teamwork

In most youth groups, Bible studies for athletes are a slam dunk. Lessons based on biblical sports metaphors encourage young Christians to train spiritually and “run” for God.

Youth Budget Worksheet: A Free Resource for Your Ministry

This free youth budget worksheet will make one of your not-so-fun tasks just a bit easier. We've gathered everything you need in one comprehensive document.

Funny Church Videos: LOL at These 16 Clips Teens Will Love

Funny church videos are guaranteed to provide good belly laughs. Check out these 16 hilarious clips about youth ministry!

Christian Journal Prompts: 10 Starters to Use During Devotions

Christian journal prompts help me stay focused, dive deeper, and intentionally seek the Lord. Check out these 10 Christian journal prompts!

Made in God’s Image: What Does That Mean for Teens?

Do teens in your youth ministry know they're made in God's image? Discover 4 ways you can help young people with issues of self-esteem and body-image.

Youth Group Event Ideas: 8 Youth Group Ideas for Small Churches

Looking for creative youth group event ideas? Check out these 8 fun activities, many of which are youth group ideas for small churches.

Outdoor Games for Youth: 13 Activities Kids Will Love

Outdoor games for youth are a blast, especially during the summer. Check out these 13 outside activities for teens!

Youth Lessons on Depression: Help Teens Find Hope, New Life in Jesus

Youth group lessons on depression can be a key component of your outreach efforts to teens who are hurting. By studying Scripture together, you can share the joy and full life that Jesus provides.

Creflo Dollar: Some of My Teachings About Tithing ‘Were Not Correct’

Creflo Dollar, senior pastor of World Changers Church International, recently told his congregation that some of his teachings about tithing have been wrong. Dollar is known for promoting a prosperity gospel and made this confession in a sermon posted to YouTube Sunday, June 26.

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

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