Videos For Pastors

Videos For Pastors

redeemer presbyterian church nyc

The 4 Questions the Church Must Answer to Be Relevant

Tim Keller, pastor emeritus of Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC, says there are four questions that church isn't addressing.

What Is the Mission of the Church Today?

What has God sent the church to accomplish? While there may be many good things the church could do, what is the primary thing that God has sent us to do?
Why go to seminary?

What Seminary Didn’t Teach John Piper

There are quite a few blogs and articles circulating these days asking prominent pastors “What didn’t seminary teach you” or some variation of that question. The questions lead many to wonder, "why go to seminary?"
Mother's Day Sermon

Christine Caine: Motherhood Is About Carrying Jesus to Your Generation

Christine Caine gave the Mother’s Day sermon at Willow Creek Church two years ago. Her message was a bold one: All of us are...
Andrew Stanley comedy

Andrew Stanley’s Sermon is a Joke. Literally

Andrew Stanley is doing stand-up comedy. The son of Andy and grandson of Charles is doing a series at one of his dad's church's titled, "Your Life is a Joke." Andrew has been doing stand-up comedy around Atlanta for two years.

Are You Using Your ‘Calling’ to Hide Narcissism?

Jo Saxton asks some tough questions of leaders in her talk at the Q Conference. Saxton believes there is a thin line between narcissism...
what is sin

Here’s What You Need to Know About Sin According to the Bible

What is sin? Sin is a failure to love God and others and failing to treat people with the honor they deserve.
American church

Francis Chan: ‘what kind of church would people like?’ Is the Wrong Question

Francis Chan says Chapter 1 of Revelation is a severe warning for the American church. He calls it a "repent, or else" warning.
why does God allow suffering

Is Sin the Reason You Are Suffering?

Mark Driscoll understands why people ask, "Why does God allow suffering?" But he called always attaching sin with suffering, “frustrating….You take someone who is burdened and you give them an additional burden.”
Sermon Preparation

How Does John Piper Do Sermon Preparation? (Surprise! He Starts on Fridays)

His way may not be your way, but there's plenty to learn about sermon preparation from this experienced leader.
Down Syndrome adoption

From Abandoned Baby to Ambassador of Love

Edison Mateo Van Eerden was born in Ecuador, where he was abandoned, and discarded with the trash. He was born with Down Syndrome. His moving story demonstrates the blessings that come from Down Syndrome adoption.
Jimmy Carter religion

The Evangelical Faith of Jimmy Carter

 Former President Jimmy Carter identifies as an evangelical Christian, a fact he’s proud of. Growing up in a Baptist church in Plains, Georgia, Jimmy...
David Platt racism in church

David Platt Asks: Why Is T4G ‘So White’?

David Platt read from Amos 5:18-27 to begin his message at this year's Together for the Gospel conference. The problem God addresses in this...

Should You Go to Seminary? Here Are the Pro’s and Con’s

A seminary graduate looks at the benefits and dangers of a seminary education in this discussion with Matt Chandler.

How to Overcome Bitterness: For Your Own Health and Peace

John Piper gives three ways to overcome bitterness that you can't shake.

Tim Keller: This Needs to Inform Your View of Social Justice

Justice is the sign that you have been justified by faith.
Matt Chandler

How Matt Chandler Organizes His Day as a Pastor

Matt Chandler organizes his day to ensure he spends time with God because failing to do so “is a foolish punt of our rights as children of God."
how to apologize

How to Make a Faux Apology

We all make mistakes and need to ask forgiveness of those we offend. It’s part of life. Unfortunately, not many of us know how to apologize.
lee strobel

Lee Strobel Video: This Is Why We Can Believe in the Resurrection

Lee Strobel spent two years analyzing the historical data surrounding Jesus’s death and resurrection and found history points to the resurrection being an actual historical event.
Experience God

Dallas Willard on How to Experience God

In order to experience God you need to read the Bible, pray, and meditate, to name just a few avenues.  Or some might argue, we experience God by way of spiritual disciplines.

Latest News

Can You Identify Facts in a News Story? Many Americans Can’t

The Pew Research study found that people were more likely to think news statements are factual when the statements appeal to their side, even if the statements were opinions. The findings address concerns about fake news.

New Podcasts

Tony Morgan: Know Your Mission Field

“Church leaders should ask, ‘Who are we trying to reach?’” - Tony Morgan