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Andrew Brunson Released After 2 Years Prison Time

Pastor Andrew Brunson has been released from prison in Turkey after serving two years on charges of seeking to overthrow and undermine the Turkish government.

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you be you

The False Gospel of “You Be You”

"You be you" is a statement of one’s individual right to judge what’s best for himself, regardless of what others say or think.
church leadership Reasons People Are Not Leading Who Could Be

7 Reasons People Are Not Leading Who Could Be

Every church I know needs leaders. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” I’m convinced, based on other Scriptures, some of those workers should be leaders of other workers.
retaining visitors Early Warning Signs That Your Church Has a “Front Door” Problem

7 Early Warning Signs That Your Church Has a “Front Door” Problem

Here are seven early warning signs that might indicate that you have a problem retaining visitors at your church.
5 Warning Signs of Moral Failure

5 Warning Signs of Moral Failure

Moral failure. My stomach churns when I hear the phrase. The phrase reminds me of the devastation left in the wake, the devastation that impacts families and ministries.



Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer: How to Pastor People in an Age of Outrage

In an age of bitter arguments and divisiveness, Ed Stetzer offers leaders a thoughtful way to approach the hot-button issues of the day.
Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel: How to Pastor With Integrity

Craig Groeschel speaks to pastors who are leading in the #metoo era, helping people through dark times, and admitting you don't have all the answers.
Les Parrott

Les Parrott: Lowering the Divorce Rate in the Church by One Third

“Every single percentage point that we drop the divorce rate, the lives of more than a million children are positively impacted," Dr. Les Parrott says.
Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley: Why I Stopped Saying ‘The Bible Says’ When I Preach

Andy Stanley unpacks his reasoning for eliminating phrases such as "the Bible says..." from our preaching in order to reach the younger generations and return to a more New-Testament model of evangelism.
Michael Frost

Michael Frost: The Church Needs to Get Back to Being Weird

 Michael Frost holds a PhD in "being and doing church" and is the author of several books. He is also the head of the missiology...
Terry Smith

Terry Smith: Dreaming of Diversity in Your Church

“Part of hospitality is being open to people and their dreams.” - Terry Smith
Peter Greer

Peter Greer: Stop Comparing Your Ministry to Others

“This idea of comparison is toxic to the broader impact that we’re supposed to have when we no longer see others as rivals and competitors but as friends and allies that we’re going to be spending all eternity with.” - Peter Greer

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