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Leader Who Supported Abusive Pastor Starts New Church

Two years ago after it came to light that he had knowingly supported admitted sexual abuser, Andy Savage, former Highpoint pastor Chris Conlee is starting a new church.

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planning center

It’s Free, It’s Powerful, It’s Upgradeable: Planning Center’s Database

If you've realized there's a need to make a change in your database software, it's time to consider Planning Center and its suite of church apps.
Psalm 46:10

Psalm 46:10 … Be Still and Know the Context

“Rest in the presence of the Lord” is what most are meaning when they quote this verse. The theology is true but it’s not honest to what Psalm 46:10 is actually saying.
productivity bump

Has Your Ministry Experienced the COVID ‘Productivity Bump’?

What few expected is that people aren’t just working from home, many are out-performing their productivity from the old days at the office. As a result, even large companies are re-thinking their remote working policies.
false narrratives

8 Lies Churches Tell

Leaders sit around and figure which ones will work in their context and then crumple up the true stories so they can be tossed in the rubbish bin. These false narratives rewound the victims, corrupt the heart of the church, and turn church cultures into greater toxicity.




Adam Weber: How to Love Difficult People (for Pastors)

"A critical part of leadership is loving the people around you," says Adam Weber. And love is "really, really messy.”
joel mcgill

Joel McGill: The Great Commission Could Be Fulfilled in Your Lifetime

"The progress we’re seeing with the Great Commission globally," says Joel McGill, "has just been...awe-inspiring."
sandra richter

Sandra Richter: When the Environment Suffers, So Do Widows and Orphans

When we fail to care for the environment, says Dr. Sandra Richter, "The widow, the orphan, and the farmer are the people who get hit first and whose economic stability is wiped out."

Valerie Bell and Matt Markins: This Is How to Help Kids Love Jesus for...

There are three factors, says Awana's Matt Markins, that "when they’re present together, are far more likely to produce long-term spiritual fruit" in the kids we’re discipling.
pastor chip ingram

Chip Ingram: How to Stop Living Like a Spiritual Orphan

“I don’t think we can ever love or lead well," says Pastor Chip Ingram, "until we see ourselves more and more the way God sees us."
jeff reed

Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

You might think of digital church as being impersonal. But Jeff Reed says, "The strength of online church is relationships."
carlos whittaker

Carlos Whittaker: Are You Living ‘Life to the Full’ with Jesus?

“I just feel like so many Christians have given up," says Carlos Whittaker, "and I don’t think that Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can cope.”

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12 Things a Church Pastor Cannot Do

There are 12 things a church pastor cannot do. Pastors are amazing people and, in faith, they can do a lot...just not these things.